After the most hectic rush Andy has ever known, and 3 hours late for set up, all cars arrived at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2004. The 'Cars of the future' display was the main attraction in the Cartier Concours De Elegance area and of the 6 cars displayed Andy proudly exhibited 3.

The Aurora rubbed windshields with the Alfa Roma Bat 7, while the X2000 shared the same area as the Fiat Turbina, and Indecision looked over Renault's car of the future concept. All 6 cars were brilliantly displayed on a red Martian soil landscape with all kinds of Space paraphernalia, and the whole display was a fantastic success.

Goodwood organisers told Andy that he was the only person in the history of Concours De Elegance to have three cars entered in one Concours.