With the continuing success of his Tarot Card Artwork Andy has been commissioned by one of the top spiritual gurus in Europe to design the artwork for her forth coming inspirational cards which are to be published this year.

Andy wins BBC Top Gear commission...
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Andy Saunders has been a major force in the British Kustom scene now for many years. He works alone, styling just for the passion of doing so, self-funded and mostly unpaid for his own works of art. Andy lives for the passion of bringing life into his work. His cars over the last few years becoming as eagerly anticipated as Tarrantino's Flicks among certain circles and to some as controversial but along the way gaining popularity in worlds far removed from his humble beginnings.

Andy enjoys the dizzy heights of near stardom on many television programmes, leading up to the present day accolade of being commissioned several times by Hyundai to bring show cars to their world stage.

Unlike any other designers Saunders' work leaps crazily across a myriad of ideas and patterns. Almost every designer / stylist shows a thread of their own particular style in every piece of work. Each design having several strands of 'DNA' the same enough to say that it came from this studio or that studio, but Saunders' ideas hopscotch freely across many universes, bringing together ideas from many avenues. Not one single example of Andy's work shows any resemblance or connection with any other design that has either gone before or is yet to come. Yet every car launched by Saunders seems to somehow be on the cutting edge of automotive fashion, if not just the other side of the boundary.

Over the years Andy has been involved in numerous high profile PR promotions and TV work. His extensive range of publicity contacts throughout the world has seen his work feature in the media worldwide. If you have any similar requirements to anything that is contained within this portfolio then please contact Andy directly.